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USG : Saudi Arabia Issues New Standards, Labeling Rules

Saudi Arabia Issues New Standards, Labeling Rules

Saudi Arabia issues new standards, labeling rules - electrical and electronic items

May 25, 1987

Electrical and electronic items exported to Saudi Arabia now must have a certificate of conformity stating that the product meets Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) standards or, if no such SASO standard exists, those of an internationally recognized standards organization such as Underwriters Laboratory, National Electrical Machinists Association, or the Association of National Standards Institute. In addition, the certificates of conformity must now be in both English and Arabic. In the case of multiple items in a shipment, a certificate is required for each electrical item.

SASO also will require U.S. exports to Saudi Arabia to bear labels stating "Made in the USA.' This regulation applies to all items of all sizes, including high volume shipments of small articles.

Questions regarding these new regulations should be referred to Karen Sasahara, Saudi Arabia Desk Officer, tel. (202) 377-5767.

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