Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eric L. Qualkenbush

After service at CIA Stations in Bucharest, Bonn (1990), and elsewhere, Eric L. Qualkenbush, the CIA Base Chief at Jeddah (1987-1989), eventually retired and resides in Findlay, Ohio where he once ran a counter-terrorism program at the local university.


Head of the Political/Economic Section.

According to a contact in a European intelligence Service, Qualkenbush had been assigned to the CIA's Bucharest Station before Jeddah.

He is retired and living in Findlay, Ohio.

He is in the phone book.

He was transferred to Bonn about the time I went to Stuttgart.


Qualkenbush was listed on the University of Findlay Ohio's website as having been its director of counter-terrorism.

He also has his own page on the 'net where he comes out of the closet & says he worked for the Evil Forces of Darkness.

(I just typed in his name on Google.)

-- a BA in Russian Area Studies from Bowling Green State University.

-- 25 years in the CIA