Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paul Arvid Tveit

Paul Arvid Tveit, who held CIA positions at U.S. consulates in Milan and Salzburg (1979-1983), masqueraded as a Commercial Officer in Jeddah (1987-1989). There, he repeatedly demanded visas for Pakistanis going to trade shows in the U.S. who could not name the trade show they were supposed to attend. lists Tveit as a member of the Clandestine Service, citing the 1983 publication "Anti-CIA Club of Diplomats. Spooks in U.S. Foreign Service". About this document, it says:
This list was published in Canada in 1983. ACCD is likely an ad-hoc cover for what appears to be a risky inside job. From the introduction:
To what degree has the Foreign Service been penetrated by career intelligence officers? To a very considerable degree. Roughly three out of five supposedly State Department employees working abroad are in fact CIA officers. The number of young university and college graduates recruited by the CIA is steadily rising and now stands at more than 800 annually. In the last ten years, 7500 such graduates have been recruited and trained as intelligence officers at educational institutions like the CIA Camp Peary Training Center, the Foreign Service Institute, and the National Intelligence Academy. The number is almost half of the entire CIA personnel working at Langley and at its stations abroad.
The list may have been compiled by someone with access to internal alumni-like information, since this is not the sort of profile that would result from using unclassified sources.
Paul Arvid Tveit is now is retired and living in McLean, Virginia.

He is listed in the phone book.