Thursday, November 22, 2007

Andy Weber

Andy Weber was a "part-time" Consular Officer at Jeddah in 1989; assigned to Bonn Station 1990.

He was last seen in the 2002 Public Television NOVA program, "Bioterror", being interviewed by New York Times reporter Judith Miller while he was working as an arms inspector in Russia (1993-1995).


Had been assigned part-time to the Consular Section.

He would go out of his way to issue visas to some of his contacts.

I last saw him on American public television working as an arms inspector in Russia.

(He had been in Bonn with Qualkenbush.)


Weber is listed a couple of places on the 'net & the positions show he worked at the War Dept. (!!!) in bio terrorism.

Couldn't find him listed anywhere in Pentagon phone book & even called them at one point.

No one knew who he was.